Karma Insight


  • What are the rules of the Magical World of Nutri-Ventures?

    There are 4 simple rules for the Magical World of Nutri Ventures:
    - Respect other users
    - Never use inappropriate gestures or swearwords *
    - Online security: users are not allowed to share personal information such as real name,
    phone number, address, e-mail or password.
    - No Fooling: we do not allow the use of third party programs
    * Players who do not follow the rules may be temporarily or permanently banned.

  • How can a user be banned?

    A user is banned from the website if he records an inappropriate video or uses inappropriate language that is picked up by our security system. When this happens we send an email to parents or guardians explaining the reasons for our action.

  • How can I change my password?

    It’s always a good idea to change your password now and then. To do so, go to the login area. You’ll need the e-mail you used to activate your account. Remember to keep your password secret. If you tell someone your password, that person can go into your account and spend your coins or change your home.

  • How can I cancel my account?

    We’ll be sad to say goodbye but if you wish to cancel your subscription, all you have to do is email us at web@nutri-ventures with your user name and email requesting that your account be cancelled.

  • How can I activate my account?

    Activating your account is easy. Ask your parents or guardians to open the email with your activation code. They may have to check the spam folder. Sometimes emails get lost there. If they can’t find the email, we can resend the activation code. Just email us at web@nutri-ventures.com