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Who is Who


Theo is the coolest leader ever! He is very brave and loves adventure. He is the one who sets his friends on this great journey in search of the Seven Kingdoms of Nutrition.


She is the “brains” of the group. She’s cute, intelligent and very intuitive. She always carries a small bag with her that seems to contain all the objects of the world.


There are two things that Ben loves: his buddies and his food. He’s the largest member of the group, very playful and always getting into scrapes, which make his adventures a lot of fun!


She is Theo’s younger sister, sweet and affectionate. Even though she’s very small, Nina isn’t afraid of anything. For her, the whole adventure is a big game.

Guga Purple

He is Guardian Purple’s good-natured Guga and Nina’s inseparable companion. It is he who guides the heroes in search of the Seven Kingdoms. He can project holograms from Nexus and communicate with all the Nutri-Guardians through the other Gugas.

Guardian Purple

He is Theo and Nina’s Grandpa. He remains in Grandland with the job of recognizing the future hero who, to his surprise, turns out to be his own grandson! He prepares the heroes for all their missions.


He is the leader and mentor of the Nutri- Guardians. Through the eyes of the Gugas he follows the heroes’ adventures, helping them to overcome dangers with his wise advice.


He is Alex’s father. He was the great master of Nutrition and founder of the Nutri-Genex Corporation.  Before he died he had a terrible vision of the future and wisely charged Nexus with saving all the foods.

Alex Grand

He’s the most terrible of villains! He destroyed all the foods and became rich and powerful. His plan to take over the world was going well until a group of heroes crossed his path. Now, he will do anything to stop them from fulfilling their mission!


He is Alex Grand’s doting assistant. He adores conjuring up cunning plans with his master and tries hard to be the mean tough guy, but his nervous tics and childhood traumas don’t help him much…


They are the soldiers from Alex Grand’s Army. The result of lab experiments, they are monstrous beings who intimidate everyone with their muscles and strength. But inside their heads there is only air!


Teacher educates the children at the Grandland school. She is very maternal, a little overprotective and hysterical.  She adores Alex Grand and treats him like a rock star and everyone’s savior. And this is what she teaches the children.


They are sweet bio-electronic pets created by Nexus to allow him to communicate with the Nutri- Guardians and the heroes.  Each Guga has a color corresponding to their Nutri-Guardian and, ironically, the opposite personality.


They are the top scientists who worked with Nexus in Nutri-Genex.  In order to save the foods and the chapters of the Grand Book of Nutrition, they escaped to faraway places and set up the Seven Kingdoms of Nutrition:  Yellow (Grains), White (Milk and Dairy Products), Red (Meat and Eggs), Blue (Fish and Sea Food), Brown (Legumes), Green (Vegetables) and Orange (Fruit).


White-coated geniuses capable of transforming into inventions all the evil desires that come out of Alex Grand’s head. Often, only to receive the most painful rewards in exchange.