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The heroes of the story, Theo, Lena, Ben and little Nina, live in a grey city, where food doesn’t exist. 30 years ago, Alex Grand, the terrible villain, ordered his army of G-Squads to destroy all the foods so his people would be forced to eat only Genex-100, a high calorie compound manufactured at the Grand Corporation of which he is the owner.

Before Alex could wipe out all the foods, Nexus, a wise nutritionist, told his seven most trusted scientists to escape, with the help of their Gugas, to a faraway place so that they could each preserve a food group. They became the Nutri- Guardians. Up until now they have lived in isolation in their far-off kingdoms where they have conserved the foods they were entrusted with.

Theo, Lena, Ben and Nina have the exciting mission of discovering these fantastic kingdoms and returning to the world the food diversity that Alex destroyed. During their adventures they will taste unknown foods, experience their incredible Nutri-Powers and engage in hard-won battles, always accompanied by their Guga!

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