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Nutri Guardian Parents

Would you like to be your child’s Nutri Guardian?

The one who guides your kids through the Kingdoms of Nutrition, explains the Nutri-Power of the foods and ensures their diet is properly balanced?
You can begin right now:

    • Register: You can register here as a Nutri Guardian and begin receiving codes in your e mail to reward your kids for eating healthy food, giving them Nutri-Coins to spend in the Magical World of Nutri Ventures. You can also download different material that will help make mealtimes real fun!

    • Learn about the Story: follow this link and learn about the Story that your kids love to watch. Find out about the Kingdoms, the heroes and villains and the Magical World of Nutri Ventures..

    • Change the way you talk to your kids about food: with the story of Nutri Ventures and the Nutri-Translator you can be creative in the way you talk to your kids about food. For example, that carrots give you the Nutri-Power of super-eyesight, is much more interesting than saying carrots are good for your eyes!

    • Use the Nutri-Pad: By writing the name of a food into the Nutri-Pad you can immediately find out which episodes it appears in, its Kingdom and Nutri-Power, what it’s health benefits are and how you can talk about it to your kids. You can also get tips and recipes of what to do with it. Use the Nutri-Pad before, during and after mealtimes! This app will soon be available for smartphones and tablets.

    • Share tips: you can use the site to share tips about food, like how you’ve gotten your kids to eat food they previously wouldn’t eat, exchange recipes or help spread the word about healthy eating projects which are working towards improving children’s diets.

Join us in this movement!

Join the Nutri Ventures cause and register here.

Register and download here.


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