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  • The quest for the 7 kingdoms.

    The goal of our heroes is to discover the 7 Kingdoms of Nutrition and this is the big mission your kids will become involved in when they visit this website. In this magic kingdom they will be presented with games and daily challenges that test their knowledge about food groups and the animated series itself. As they advance through the series, different kingdoms will be revealed. While your kids are exploring this world, they will also be acquiring knowledge about nutrition and learning that a healthy diet makes you feel good.

    The Nutri Ventures Wheel of Nutrition divides the food groups into 7 families, each one corresponding to one of the 7 Kingdoms of Nutrition. As each kingdom is revealed, the heroes discover an enormous variety of foods and are fascinated by their taste, color and texture. But, more importantly still, they discover the Nutri-Power of food.
    Nutri-Power is the super power that each food bestows. All healthy food gives us specific Nutri-Powers that correspond to the Kingdom they belong to.

    Through the Nutri Ventures story your children will learn to value healthy food, associating it with the beneficial effects it has on the heroes when they face battles, win races and other challenges. Find out more here.

    There are also “Sub-Kingdoms” such as the Sugar Kingdom, the Kingdom of Fried Food, the Kingdom of Fats and the Salt Desert. These kingdoms appear in the story so that children can learn about the harmful effects of eating excessive amounts of certain foods.

    Click on each Kingdom and discover a new way of helping your kids enjoy a healthier diet.

    Note: The wheel of nutrition represents a very basic division of the major food groups to make it easier for children to learn the respective Nutri-Power of each food. However, it does not correspond exactly to the pyramid or nutrition wheel that is commonly used.

    White Kingdom



    Strength(for bones)



    Red Kingdom

    Meat and eggs


    Force (for muscles)



    Blue Kingdom

    Fish and Sea Food





    Brown Kingdom






    Yellow Kingdom






    Green Kingdom






    Orange Kingdom




  • Yellow Kingdom – Kingdom of Grains

    Rippling yellow prairies of wheat, barley, corn and all other grains that bestow the Nutri-Power Of Energy.  In the Yellow Kingdom, the Kingdom of Grains, they practice martial arts in the Oriental style.



    Yellow Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Energy.
    (episodes 2 and 4 – Season 1)

    Percentage of Daily Nutri-Power

    per child

    28% of daily Nutri-Powers ingested by children should be provided by food from the Yellow Kingdom. For a child of 7 to 8 who should eat around 1500 kcal per day, this means a daily intake of approximately:

    • 35g of cereals for breakfast (equivalent to around four soup spoons);
    • 1 bread roll;
    • 4 soup spoons of cooked rice or pasta for lunch and dinner.

    Food of the Kingdom

    The group of grains and derivatives include breakfast cereal, bread, pasta, rice, potato and corn.

    It is governed by Guardian Yellow and his Guga Yellow.

    Guardian Yellow

    He protects the grains in the Yellow Kingdom. He is a bit pessimistic and fearful but the heroes help him to conquer his fears and regain his courage.

    Guga Yellow

    He is Guardian Yellow’s Guga.
    He is brave, agile and a skilled practitioner in martial  arts.


    He’s friendly, courageous and diplomatic. He leads the farmers’ revolt against the Tykers.


    Former citizens who gave up farming for warfare. Now they are truly bad ninjas, armed with bone-breaker-sticks, at Ty-Paw’s service.


    He is a treacherous tyrant with a black belt in martial arts.  He enslaved the Yellow Kingdom with his Mega-Bone-Breaker-Stick. If the farmers don’t hand over their grains, he’ll break all their bones!

  • Green Kingdom – Kingdom of Vegetables

    This Kingdom stretches over green valleys and mountains where all the vegetables are cultivated which bestow the Nutri-Power of Complete Recovery. The Green Kingdom, or Kingdom of Vegetables, is a sacred land, with mystical traditions, similar to the Mayan and Inca civilizations.



    Green Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Complete Recovery
    (Season 5 )

    Percentage of daily Nutri-Power

    per child

    23% of a child’s daily Nutri-Powers comes from this Kingdom. This kingdom is the second most important, principally for its richness in fibers, water, vitamins and antioxidant minerals. The variety of colors, flavors, aromas and consistencies make it a fantastic ingredient to cook with. Soups are a great option. Salad or vegetables should occupy more than a third of the plate. When making sandwiches always try to add some kind of raw vegetables.

    Food of the Kingdom

    This group includes vegetables like carrots, garlic, onions, tomato, pumpkin, turnip, zucchini, cucumber, green and red pepper, green vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach,  green beans…

    It is governed by Guardian Green and his Guga Green.

    Guardian Green

    He is a bit too methodical and organized. As long as he runs the Green Kingdom, all the vegetables will be properly sown, monitored and harvested. He is a great connoisseur of ancient civilizations like the Mayas and their farming practices.

    Guga Green

    This Guga has more than one screw loose. Forget logic. He is absolutely wacko.

  • Blue Kingdom – Kingdom of Fish and Sea food

    This is the Kingdom of fish and seafood. A kind of underwater Atlantis in the depth of the Ocean. Its inhabitants benefit from the Nutri-Power of Intelligence which fish gives them, especially when they have to fight all  kinds of sea monsters!



    Blue Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Intelligence
    (Season 4 )

    Percentage of Daily Nutri-Power

    per Child

    This group also provides most of the important proteins for the body such as vitamin A, B12 and D, and healthy fats (omega-3). It represents around 2.5% of the daily Nutri-Powers  eaten by a child. This means an intake of around 120g of fish, or seafood per day (just slightly more than an adult’s palm).  Since seafood has a type of fat which is less healthy than that in fish it shouldn’t be eaten so frequently. Fish should be eaten daily when substituting meat.

    Food of the Kingdom

    The group of Fish and Sea food includes freshwater fish (eels, lampreys, trout, salmon, bass…)  saltwater fish (cod, tuna, sea bass, mackerel, sardine…), and seafood (shrimps, lobster, crab, squid, octopus…).

    It is governed by Guardian Blue and his Guga Blue.

    Guardian Blue

    He loves his scuba diving so much he decided to build the Blue Kingdom in the depths of the ocean, like a submerged Atlantis. Not surprisingly, Nexus assigned him the job of protecting all the food of the sea. He is a natural born prankster always firing up killer jokes. Even the fish laugh their gills out.

    Guga Blue

    Grumpy and grouchy.
    This Guga is not just in a bad mood, he’s miserable for life.

  • Red Kingdom – Kingdom of Meat and Eggs

    A barren medieval-type Kingdom, made of stone, iron and fire, full of monsters, dragons, dungeons and knights. This is a warlike kingdom of Meat and Eggs which bestow the Nutri-Power of Force for the Muscles.



    Red Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Force for the muscles.
    (episode 12,13,18,19 and 20 – Season 1)

    Percentage of Daily Nutri-Power

    per Child

    This group provides most of the important proteins for the body, as well as vitamin B and minerals (iron). It represents around 2.5% of the daily Nutri-Powers ingested by a child. This means an intake of around 100g of meat (the average size of an adult’s palm) (or 3 eggs) a day. As eggs have a high quantity of fat they should only be eaten twice a week.

    Food of the Kingdom

    The group of meat and eggs includes red meat (beef, veal,   pork and lamb) and white meat (chicken, turkey, duck and rabbit) and eggs.

    It is governed by Guardian Red and his Guga Red.

    Guardian Red

    He is the head of the Red Kingdom, a medieval territory with castles, dungeons, fire, smoke, dirt and all sorts of wild creatures. He nurtures them to protect the meat. He is tough and rough, like a butcher with a long knife. Don’t mess with him. He keeps dragons on a leash.

    Guga Red

    A big scaredy-cat.
    This Guga is so jumpy he is even afraid of his own shadow.


    She is the sweet and loving daughter of Guardian Red. But don’t be fooled by her princessly airs, she is the wildest and bravest of the knights when it comes to defending the Kingdom from the Dragon’s fire.


    In the skies of the Red Kingdom flies a fearsome and terrible purple Dragon. With its sheer force and its ability to spit fire over anything that moves, this monstrous creature destroys everything in its path. Mysteriously enough, it only obeys Alex Grand and doesn’t spare the heroes from its fury and fire!

  • Orange Kingdom – Kingdom of Fruits

    Welcome to the Magical Kingdom of Fruit, an enchanted land in an ancient forest full of fruit trees, potions, oracles and magic. Fruit has thousands of powers and that’s why its Nutri-Power is Magic. It is an excellent complement to meals and can be used for almost anything!



    Orange Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Magic
    (episode 5 to 7 Season 1)

    Percentage of Daily Nutri-Power

    per Child

    20% of the daily Nutri-Powers ingested by children should be provided by food from the Orange Kingdom. For a child of 7 to 8 who should eat around 1500 kcal per day this means a daily intake of between 2 to 5 pieces of fresh fruit per day (weighing around 160g per piece) but not more than one per meal.

    Children between 2 and 15 don’t need to eat more than three pieces of fruit per day, unless they are doing a lot of physical activity or if they have some illness that requires it.

    In relation to dried fruit and nuts there are no specific daily recommendations.

    Food of The Kingdom

    The group of fruits includes:

    – fresh fruit: like apples, pears, plums, peaches, citrus fruit (lemons, oranges, tangerines…), melon, tropical fruits (kiwi, manga, papaya…);

    – dried fruits (figs, raisins and prunes…);

    – or nuts (pine nuts, almonds, olives, hazelnuts etc) and olives.

    It is governed by Guardian Orange and her Guga Orange.

    Guardian Orange

    She is responsible for the fruits and founded the Orange Kingdom. A Kingdom of potions and spells where fruit has magic powers! She’s lively, smart and always ready to help.

    Guga Orange

    He is Guardian Orange’s Guga.
    He’s funny, a joker, and loves playing tricks.


    He’s an expert in fruit magic. He learned from Guardian Orange and invented the everlasting potion to put an end to the Sugar Kingdom. He is well intentioned but doesn’t always choose the best path…


    He is the greediest villain ever!  He hypnotizes people with sugar and holds them forever in his dangerous and addictive Sugar Kingdom! Since they are hypnotized, everything they see is beautiful, even the disgusting sugary goo they eat.

  • Brown Kingdom – Kingdom of Legumes

    An arid, sunny Kingdom, similar to the American Wild West, where the beans, garbanzos and all legumes grow in abundance, bestowing its inhabitants with the Nutri-Power of Boost (Energy and Force).



    Brown Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Boost
    (Episode 21 to 29 – Season 3 )

    Percentage of  Daily Nutri-Power

    per Child

    Only 4% of a child’s daily Nutri-Power come from this group. However it’s important that they get used to their flavor, color and consistency because they are foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals and are excellent for soups, salads and other dishes. At meals they can substitute or complement rice or potatoes. Just 3 soup spoons of  cooked legumes  per day are enough to  perfectly complement a child’s diet .

    Food of the Kingdom

    The group of legumes includes garbanzos, peas, lentils and all kinds of beans, such as kidney beans, soy beans, haricot beans.

    It is governed by Guardian Brown and her Guga Brown.

    Guardian Brown

    Guardian Brown is the creator of the Brown Kingdom, a territory very similar to the old Wild West were the beans and garbanzos grow. This strong spirited lady is an unbeatable force of nature, full of energy and always optimistic.

    Guga Brown

    Zzzzzzz… sleepy. This lazybones is always ready for a nap. Don’t wake him up unless you want to give him a pillow.

  • White Kingdom – Kingdom of Milk  and Dairy Products

    This is the Kingdom of technology! A futuristic landscape full of gadgets, it’s in the White Kingdom that all dairy products are preserved which bestow the Nutri-Power of Strength for the bones and teeth.


    Strength for the bones and teeth


    White Kingdom’s Nutri-Power is Strength for the bones and teeth
    (episode 3 – Season 1)

    Percentage of  Daily Nuti-Power

    per child

    In order to develop strong bones, 18% of the daily Nutri-Powers eaten by children should be provided by the food we can find in the White Kingdom. For a child of 7 to 8 who should eat around 1500 kcal per day this means a daily intake of:

    • 2 cups of milk; or
    • 3 solid yoghurts; or
    • 2 liquid yoghurts; or
    • 4 slices of cheese.

    Food of the Kingdom

    All dairy products including milk, yoghurt and, cheese .
    Butter also appears in the episodes of this kingdom. However, it is very different from  other dairy products, because of its fat content, making it a less balanced food in comparison to cheese and yoghurt.

    It is governed by Guardian White and her Guga White.


    Guardian White

    She protects milk and dairy products in the White Kingdom. At a first glance she looks like a pampered princess in a kingdom of luxury, but her “gadgets” and help are invaluable to the heroes.

    Guga White

    He is Guardian White’s Guga.
    He has disgusting manners, loves rolling in mud and is always dirty.

    Zack and Black

    Twin brothers, desperate to win the POWER-PAD-RACE… Even if they have to cheat to get there!


    This girl knows all about fixing motors! Not only does she prepare Zack and Black’s Bauwer, but she also sabotages those competing against them.

  • Kingdom of Sugar

    This is a bad Kingdom which hypnotizes people with the smell of candy. It is a kind of “Las Vegas” of colors, with rivers of chocolate and houses made from candy. But when people free themselves from the hypnosis they see that the reality is a disgusting, dirty Kingdom.


    In the Kingdom of Sugar there is no food with Nutri-Power.
    (Episodes 8 to 11 –  Season 1)

    Food of the Kingdom

    The foods of the Kingdom of Sugar include soda pop, candy, gum, sweets, cakes, chocolate etc. They are very high in calories due to the high quantity of sugar and contain few important nutrients. When eaten in excess these foods can cause, among other things, dental decay, excess weight, obesity and an excess of fat and/or sugar in the blood. For this reason the consumption of these foods must be carefully limited. It is important to explain to children the harmful effects of consuming too many candies and fizzy drinks.
    There are many healthy foods which contain sugar such as fruit, dairy products, cereals, legumes, but these are foods balanced in nutrients, without any excesses, so they are not included in this group. The foods included here contain sugar only (or almost only).

    It is governed by the villain Candyman and his assistants, the Matrons.

    Kingdom of Fats

    The greasy Kingdom of Fats is built in layers up the sides of a mountain with the fat palace at the top. The inhabitants aren’t keen on exercising but adore fast food, that’s why they are all very fat and have to use a giant elevator to go up the hill and grease slides to get down it.


    In the Kingdom of Fats there is no food with Nutri-Power.
    (Episodes 14 and 16 – Season 2)

    Food of the Kingdom

    In this kingdom there are good fats (unsaturated) and bad fats (saturated and cholesterol).  In the episodes of this series, fat appears in its most basic form with only negative effects. Normally this is what happens when we eat bad fats like butter and some oils  (coconut and palm oil), but also fat from meats and its derivatives  (smoked and sausage meat)  and dairy products ( goats’ cheese, for example).  Cakes and sweets made from butter and eggs also fall into in this category because they are rich in cholesterol and saturated fats. None of these foods are recommended on a daily basis but only for special occasions.
    Good fats include olive oil, spreads made from vegetable oil (margarine) and sunflower, peanut and soybean oil. These fats are used for cooking, seasoning and spreading on bread. The maximum daily amount should be 20g (4 teaspoons), which represents the equivalent of 2% of a child’s daily needs.

    It is governed by Fat Philip and his pet piglet Cracklings.

    Kingdom of Fried Food

    The air of this Kingdom reeks of Fried Food, since it was built on canals of boiling oil into which the inhabitants enjoy deep-frying whatever food takes their fancy. As a result of this unhealthy diet their brains have all been frizzled!


    In the Kingdom of Fried Food there is no food with Nutri-Power.
    (Episode 15  – Season 2)

    Food of the Kingdom

    French fries, rissoles, croquettes, samosas, fried chicken, fried eggs, doughnuts… This kingdom includes the foods cooked with bad fats, or those which even though cooked with good fats have an excess of fat in their cooking. They have no beneficial effects on the body. However, they can obstruct the blood vessels and cause cells to function poorly when eaten frequently and in exaggerated quantities.

    It is governed by Fritz and his son Fritiz Junior.

    Salt Desert

    This is an arid, white desert, with stalagmites of salt as far as the eye can see.  It is inhabited by nomadic traders accustomed to living under the baking sun. They move about using wind power and enjoy betting on races where the contestants are giant worms.



    In the Salt Desert there is no food with Nutri-Power
    (Episode 17 – Season 2)

    Food of the Kingdom

    Salt, olives, tinned food, sauces, sausages and smoked meat, pre-cooked meals and soups, butter/margarine.  These foods are all very salty even though in some of them you may not notice the flavor very much. The maximum recommended dose of salt per day is around 6 grams.  However, just with the salt that exists in even healthy food we eat more than half of this value! By basing your diet on pre-cooked or tinned meals, or abusing salt when you cook and season we can end up eating three times the amount of salt than we should eat. Herbs and spices are excellent substitutes. The earlier we get used to their flavors the more we appreciate them.

    It is governed by the wise Jomanda.


    He is the greediest villain ever!  He hypnotizes people with sugar and holds them forever in his dangerous and addictive Sugar Kingdom! Since they are hypnotized, everything they see is beautiful, even the disgusting sugary goo they eat.


    These cooks on ice cream cones enforce the law in Candyman’s Kingdom. Their rolling pins aren’t just for making candies, they’re also used for whacking all those who refuse to eat them!






    Fat Philip / Fit Phil

    A lover of greasy sausages and other saturated fats, he founded an unhealthy Kingdom where he lives with his little pig, Cracklings. But this big man also has a big heart wherein the key to many changes may lie…


    He is a pet piglet who accompanies Fat Philip/Fit Phil on all his adventures.







    Full of illusions of grandeur, he is the head of the Kingdom of Fried Food who never loses a chance to suck up to Alex Grand.  But with all the oil swimming about in his head, his plans don’t always succeed.

    Fritz Junior

    He is Fritz’s son and the spoilt prince of the Kingdom of Fried Food. In his frizzled brain, there is only room for one thought – to dream that one day his beloved Genevieve will agree to marry him.









    She is the queen of the Salt Desert and proud leader of a nomadic tribe. Independent, diplomatic and brave, she is never intimidated by the hardships of the desert, much less by Alex Grand.