Welcome to the magical world of Nutri Ventures!
    Here’s where you’ll find all the information you need to know about the Nutri Ventures project, as well as a wide range of materials that will help you become familiar with the animation series, story and characters. We also provide some professional advice about nutrition, as well as tips and recipes to try at home with your kids.
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    7 Kingdoms
    The quest for the 7 kingdoms
    The goal of our heroes is to discover the 7 Kingdoms of Nutrition and this is the big mission your kids will become involved in when they visit this website.

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    Who is who

    An adventure with allies and rivals
    The heroes’ adventures awaken, in the children, a curiosity to try and taste healthy foods that are often considered less appealing. In a fun and exciting way, children learn about the importance and the function of each of the main food groups. Throughout the adventure our heroes will meet allies and come across many enemies who will try to interfere with the mission of discovering the nutrients. Meet the main characters and don’t let yourself be fooled by the apparent kindness of some of them!
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    Nutri-Power is the power of each nutrient. It is based on the real nutritional benefits, but heightened within the fictional universe of the animation.

  • For Parents

    Do you want to become a Nutri Guardian and guide your child through the Kingdoms of Nutrition? You can begin now by clicking here.
  • For Professionals

    If you are a professional having to deal with the challenges of children’s poor eating habits on a daily basis, we can help you. Click here.